Things I Want To Do But My Anxiety Doesn’t

I want to walk into a room and actually greet and focus on the people in it. Nope, my anxiety won’t have it. It wants me to FREAK out about all the people that looked in my direction, and think about every flaw I possess.

I would love to walk through a crowded mall or any crowded place for that matter and be completely unphased. My anxiety wants me to feel suffocated, light-headed and completely overwhelmed, unable to even navigate through it and proceeds to go hide and cry in the corner.

My type A personality really wants to go try something new, to be inspired and exhilarated by a new place, experience or new people. Anxiety throws up its hand and says absolutely not! What if we can’t break away from it when you need to?

Oh, hey there’s one of my old friends up ahead of me in line at the grocery, I should ask and see how she is doing. Not happening. Anxiety says just don’t make eye contact, you’re such a weirdo.

I think it would be so cool to join a Zumba class. Anxiety says seriously get a grip; do you want everyone to see you fail and acting insane?

I really want to score some deals on Black Friday. I love Christmas shopping. My anxiety convinces me I will die days later from contracting the flu being forced to stand elbow to elbow in a sea of people in the middle of winter, might as well say your good-bye’s now.

I want to join all the other people and make videos for social media and YouTube. I’m interesting. Anxiety gives me a dirty look with an eye roll from across the room.

Heck yeah, I want to come to your pool party/BBQ with a bunch of random people I’ve never met. Sounds fun and adventurous! Anxiety face palms and shakes its head.

I totally want to go to Six Flags and ride all the super awesome rides and feel that giddy, bottom of your stomach drop out feeling. Anxiety says you’ll never make it out alive, I’ll go plan the funeral!

Yes! It will be a blast to take my toddler to a messy morning at the rec center. A totally awesome sensory learning experience with hands-on activities, she will love it! Anxiety says only if you want her to contract the plague by touching all the germ-covered objects everywhere.

I absolutely should volunteer to help out at church, be a part of something good, I’ve got some mad skills that would be super helpful. My anxiety teases that we should just declare world peace while we’re at it.

Oh man, it would be so awesome to host a big party and sleepover for my teen; he will love it! My anxiety taunts do you want to just go jump off a bridge too?

I’m going to take the kids out for a fun filled summer day. I have so many ideas of all the things we can do and places to go and see. My anxiety…………..I’m going to bed.

Oh, hey look, my friend is calling, let me answer and catch up with her for a while. Maybe we can plan a fun get together soon! My anxiety: What if we can’t get off the phone when we need to? Just shoot her a text and forget about it; you know you can’t commit to anything.

I’m only 10 minutes late it will be fine. People will understand, it happens to everyone at some time or another.  Anxiety: do you want me to go throw up, no way. Everyone will judge and talk about you. It will be so awkward. Just forget it.

My anxiety has the absolute best imagination ever!

Anxiety you really suck! We always do what you want. You are really giving me a bad name. You suck the life out of me and have stripped me of my self-confidence and some really cool experiences. You win…. again.