Individuality is complex.

For that being such a short sentence; it sure is a bold statement. It is pretty obvious that we are all different, yet we all want to be related to and understood. Everyone longs for a sense of a belonging in one way or another.

Our character is our hidden self, who we really are when no one is looking. Our personality is our external self, how we portray our self when we are around people.

Isn’t it fascinating when you really stop to think about it? Stuff like this is what has drawn me to psychology.

It is true that we show different sides of our personality depending on who we are around and the environment we are in.

BUT Isn’t that kinda cool? 

Us humans sure are adaptable!

We are someone different to every person we will ever encounter. Who I am with my kids is different than who I am when I am with my sister, who I am with my sister is different than how I am at work (when I did work) or with my elderly neighbor, and so forth and so on, you catch my drift.

We all have different titles to different people.  We combine all these roles together to make up all the characteristics of our personality as a whole. This is why we can relate to people on so many levels.

I Am Relatable Because…..

  • I can relate to people with teenagers AND to moms with toddlers at the same time.
  • I love Jesus AND like to bump Post Malone.
  • I long to be included BUT crave solitude.
  • I will be super fun mom AND hide in the bathroom all within the same week
  • I want to see and experience so many things and places AND I just want to stay home.
  • I work out and eat healthy for a month AND I eat Oreos the next month.
  • I am type A personality BUT I can lay on the couch for 5 hours straight
  • I like to be cuddled AND I don’t want to be touched
  • I suffer with anxiety BUT always appear calm and collected
  • I am needy AND independent.
  • I can relate to the lost and broken because I have been there AND hang with the church crowd
  • I will sin AND long to live righteously at the same time
  • I can miss someone AND be glad they are out of my life
  • I can forgive and forget BUT forever be affected by it
  • I can head bang and scream at a rock concert AND worship at church
  • I have grieved YET been grateful at the same time

Naturally, as humans we want people to fit a mold, it is easier for the brain to compartmentalize what category we think people belong in.

But we are all not just one thing, we are made up of all these complex emotions, contradictory traits, all these little pieces of our personality.

Fitting all these pieces together in one body makes us who we are.  Embrace it AND strive to be better every day.

Find inspiration in other people’s differences. Be open-minded. We all are RELATABLE in one way or the other.  After all…..we are all human.

I hope you found something in this post that relates to you.

What are the traits that make you……you?? How are you unique??