My Very First Blog Post

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Ahhh, my first post.

Here it is. 

This is it!  

How Did I Get Here

It took me a long time to come to fulfill this idea of blogging.  The idea seemed to gradually unfold in my mind over the past couple years. I would dismiss it knowing that blogs are a dime a dozen.  How could mine possibly be any different? And in all honesty, it probably isn’t (don’t let my positivity and confidence overwhelm ya there).  But…what will it hurt to try since the nagging feeling won’t go away. And I can’t ever seem to express myself verbally in daily life the way I intend.  But writing……yes writing, that I can do. I’ve got plenty to say that way.

I Just Want To Be Real

I am hoping that this blog is going to be the creative outlet that I have been unknowingly searching for.  Something to focus on when the days at home with the kids seem so hard and isolating.  A place to put all these emotions and thoughts, and a way to put them into some sort of perspective that may just inspire someone else.  Even better would be finding some like-minded people out there to relate to. 

When you are an introvert, and a stay at home mom, you spend a lot of time without adult interaction.  I have good intentions to stay as real and transparent as possible.  Documenting my life lessons as I go hoping that they benefit others.

I suffer from anxiety; and depression has been a reliable friend of mine as long as I can remember.  My panic attacks are in remission.  I say that because I actually haven’t had one in a year or so, but given just the right amount of stress combined with an overwhelming social environment with the feeling of entrapment, and it is the perfect concoction for it to make an instant magical appearance!

Because of this and past traumas, I have an inquisitive interest in psychology and advocate for mental health.

Some History

I began pursuing my Behavioral Psychology degree only to get more than half way through and quit.  My interest in psychology didn’t fade just my ability to focus on school at the time. 

I love trying to figure out what makes people tick.  You can find me at any given time reading articles, books or watching videos about different theories.  I have a thirst for knowledge and information in general.  Google is like my best friend.  I have more interaction with Google in a day then I do with adults. 

I have suffered some trauma and I used to be a COMPLETELY different person than what I am now.  So much so I’ve almost given myself whiplash! I have learned that God can turn a person around so fast that it can leave your head spinning!  And I am forever grateful that I was receptive to his voice.  More on that later with my personal testimony.

I never considered having children when I was growing up.  Now you can’t convince me there is anything better on the planet. I value being a full-time mom more than any job I have ever had.  I believe that investing in a child will never leave you empty handed.  I am a child advocate and believe every child has a voice and deserves to be heard and acknowledged.  

I agree with Dr. Laura’s stance on child rearing and being “your kids’ mom” and Fred Rogers is one of my dearest role models. I believe he had it right when he said, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.”

Inspiration Is EVERYTHING!

Speaking of which, I LOVE to be inspired and when I am passionate about something it consumes me. I am a motivational quote junky, and an extreme music lover!  You can expect to see plenty of inspirational quotes and scripture on future blogs.

I am a feeler, it’s what I do.  I feel!

Whole-heartedly about so many things.  Because of this hyper-vigilant state I stay in I am most content at home for the most part because ya know…. There are mean people and disappointments out there in the real world!

I let my emotions rule a little too much sometimes but music has always been a great outlet of expression for that.  I am obsessed with music of all kinds.  I will brave a panic attack standing elbow to elbow in a crowded venue just to see my favorite artist…and boy have I had some doozies but I can’t let it stop me.  I also love road trips and hotels…. more inspiration!  It’s all about the atmosphere. 

So, if you haven’t figured it out already in this long narcissistic post, you can expect to find future posts to be about:  teenagers, health, toddlers, products, organization, Jesus, the Bible and prayer, anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, struggling, sensitivity, thoughts, feelings, stories….and Life!  If you can relate then please subscribe.

Me and my sister doing what we do best….Concerts!
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