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Amy Blair

About Me:

Amy adores her main gig as a stay-at-home mom to a very wise 17-year-old son and a super spunky 4-year old daughter. As an aspiring author, she loves to write and finds it very cathartic. She is working on her first book now! You might have seen some of her articles on the Today Parenting site, Pregnant Chicken, Filter Free Parents, and Her View From Home, you may have even heard her on a podcast here or there. She loves to look for inspiration in everything and hopes to inspire others through her writing.

When she is not writing or parenting you can find her planning her next fix of concert therapy since music is her lifeline. Amy has learned and experienced a lot about parenting, health, anxiety, depression, God, grief, relationships, struggling, and emotions. You can expect to find her writing to be light-hearted and humorous, but also heavy and emotional. She is no stranger to writing about the hard stuff. No subject is off-limits, and she often exposes a tremendous amount of vulnerability. On her blog, she hopes that sharing her struggles and experience can teach, inspire, entertain, and make others feel not alone.