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Amy Blair

About Me:

Hi I’m Amy.  Stay at home mom to a 15-year-old son and a 2-year old daughter…. sometimes I still can’t believe this to be true.  Life is full of surprises!  I find great value in staying at home with my kids and running our household.  I am a self-motivated person and I thrive on planning and organization. I am an aspiring author and love to write.  I find it is very cathartic; a way to tame all these thoughts and emotions while organizing them into some kind of perspective. I LOVE to be inspired! I look for inspiration in everything and hope to share the inspiration with others.  I have learned and experienced a lot about parenting, health, anxiety, depression, God, grief, relationships, struggling, emotions, did I mention struggling? You can expect to find some post to be light-hearted and humorous.  While others will be heavy, with me pouring my heart out.  All in hopes that sharing my struggles and experience can teach, inspire, and make others feel not alone.